Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tired! (oh, and happy Father's Day too)

Wow it is hard to do construction! I have to say that I have not appreciated ENOUGH all those people who actually build their own houses...from start to finish. At least we have the house already built and are just making some changes to it. It is still an extreme makeover site - not a good place for kids to hang out, so it is nerve racking to be at the house with kids, which we had to do this weekend as various kitchen people came around taking measures and planning the kitchen. We will get at least two quotes before making the decision on which way to go.

One thing I have learned in this process is that prices vary astronomically from one place to another.

And the other thing learned is that too much choice is not necessarily a good thing. I am getting tired just picking stuff. This weekend it was toilets - I mean who knew that there are so many different models out there? Round bowl, elongated bowl, short seat, tall seat, flush power, etc. And shower bodies! I just want to be able to turn on the water, adjust the temperature and water volume. Why are there so many knobs and what do they do? Shower heads, hand helds, rain shower, steam shower, my head is spinning with all this new information that I really did not need... I guess this is why rich people have designers!

Anyway, things are progressing, but I am still getting a little nervous..we are supposed to be moving in about a month. Wonder if that will actually happen - or do we have to postpone..

The third thing I've learned is that renovation is extremely stressful. I just don't get it how the Novogratz family from the "9 by Design" show do it. I am already on the brink of a huge blow-up with my significant other as the pressure builds..this has not been the bonding experience that I thought it might be. There will be a lot more bonding when it's all said and done and we can sit in our new house in peace and look at what we have achieved. But that is still weeks away. Until then I have to tread carefully with the male ego of my darling husband while holding on to my own wants and needs...

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