Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The seating around the fireplace

I am looking everywhere for furniture for the new house, making plans and just loving, loving, loving the planning of the interior decoration aspect. My current apartment has been neglected for so long because I've just been wanting to get out. And now there is light in the end of the tunnel! I found this armchair at West Elm for a seating area by the fire place.. two of these, an acrylic table from CB2, and an animal skin rug. Who wants to cozy up by the fire place?


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sophie Theallet

I want to like Sophie Theallet..but for some reason, her style is not my cup of tea. She was the winner of the CFDA/Vogue Fashion award, is heralded as superbly talented and hardworking, and has been in the industry for quite a while. Her collection is just a bit too hippy or 70's for me. I don't like to vintage look of many of the pieces. One of her best pieces, IMHO, was the dress worn by Coco Rocha, as seen below.

Move over MJ - Michael Kors is the new KING

I LOVE MK!!! Michael Kors' fall 2010 collection is so fabulous I almost forgot to breathe looking at the pics from the MK collection on It is such easygoing luxury, each look is sexy, not too young, not too old, not too complicated or weird, but just beautifully tailored, luxurious and fabulous clothes. And the best thing is that they are so imminently wearable. Once I have my current project finished next fall (wink wink), I will be sporting these looks!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

When did the FASHION week become all about CELEBRITIES?

Fashion week is supposed to be about FASHION! For a long time though, the trend has been more about who attends the fashion shows, and who sits in the first row, than the actual clothes that are showed. This spring that seems more true than ever. Another thing that irks me, is that for some reason, mature women are not expected to be fashionable or chic. And if they are, it's a big deal. Witness the picture below, titled "Chic Cougars". These wonderful ladies attended the Donna Karan show, first row, of course.

Yay - Closing Date!!

We finally have the closing date for our new house! We shall become houseowners on March 10th. This journey has been long and arduous - given that we had two deals that fell through before. The first one was a short sale that was just incredibly complicated and in the end was not worth the effort for us, the second was because we did not qualify for the jumbo loan mortgage. Third time's the charm! We will not be moving until June, as the previous owner will rent the house from us until then. That works just fine because for us it's easier to let our daughter finish this school year in the old school, and also it's better to do renovation and move in the warmer months. I am just so happy and relieved now!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Valentine: The Lowell Daybed

It was love at first sight! I have had my eye on this gorgeous daybed from Maurice Villency. It must have been Valentine's Day luck, for today I found the Lowell daybed in a Maurice Villency store that is closing down. I got my daybed for a very decent discount. This is my first purchase for the new house. Some might say that it is crazy buying furniture for a house that I don't yet own, but I believe that if you act like it will happen, the universe will make it happen. The house is just waiting for the Lowell to come home now..

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Goodbye McQueen

Such sad news at the opening of the New York Fashion Week. (Lee) Alexander McQueen, a very talented fashion designer with an individual style and vision, passed away in London this morning. 

The whole fashion industry and we non-industry fans are still in a state of schock.

Here's a link to the the Wall Street Journal blog that discusses fashion world's insider's first reactions to McQueens passing.

Goodbye McQueen - may your fashions live on.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New York is besieged by a blizzard today. The above picture from NY Times shows Times Square at 7 am, and the snowfall has been much worse since then. My office, which is NEVER closed, will close at noon today. Most people never even showed up for work. But of course, with Finnish heritage, I find that slightly ridiculous and trek in through snow, ice and hale... I am looking forward spending the afternoon with my girls though (schools are closed for a snow day), cozying up at home, making some hot chocolate and watching Dr. Oz (love him!).

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Buying a house is an arduous process!

Everyone who has ever purchased property in New York state knows that it is not the easiest proposition. But in addition to all the rules and regulations, lawyers' demands and bank's usual conditions, it is now almost impossible to secure a loan large enough to actually buy anything that can house a family (or a growing family)... Due to the financial crisis and ensuing recession, and the hundreds of thousands (if not millions already) of foreclosures that have taken place within the past couple of years, banks have tightened their lending standards to be extremely risk averse and conservative. To a point that it is almost impossible to get a mortgage! I should know..having been through a wringer..and still waiting for the end result.

We have had to downgrade our plans, from the City to the Suburbia. First time in our lives something felt desperately out of reach financially..a bitter feeling I can tell you..even with a pretty good income from two people. Two people that are fiscally so responsible that we did not want to get caught up with the crazyness of buying with no money down, no doc, piggy bank and no interest loans that banks were offering to everyone regardless of credit rating.

Hopefully in the end we will get our reward for hard work, patience, responsibility and honesty! The reward is a gorgeous five bedroom home with catedral ceiling living room with large picture windows, a great room encompassing the kitchen, dining area and family room in one amazing large space, a basement with a movie theater, sauna and a home gym, a large back yard, 2-car garage, circular drive way, the best school district, private club, etc. etc. Keeping my fingers crossed that this will work out.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


It was the New Year's Eve and starting the new year in a romantic and sexy way. And BAM! I so did not expect it but here we are - a new life is growing inside of me. We were talking about having a third child, analyzing whether we should do it when nature decided it for us. This will certainly put a little damper on the style front. Luckily I will be pregnant through the summer, that is so much easier than dealing with winter clothes and winter's more structured clothes. I will survive with long flowing dresses, stretchy light materials, ballerinas and flip flops for the swollen feet. I have not told my oldest yet as she will not be very thrilled that she has to share her princess position with yet a second baby.. And the middle one has to grow up so fast. Aah, such is life! I will treasure this pregnancy and this baby because it will be my last..