Thursday, February 4, 2010


It was the New Year's Eve and starting the new year in a romantic and sexy way. And BAM! I so did not expect it but here we are - a new life is growing inside of me. We were talking about having a third child, analyzing whether we should do it when nature decided it for us. This will certainly put a little damper on the style front. Luckily I will be pregnant through the summer, that is so much easier than dealing with winter clothes and winter's more structured clothes. I will survive with long flowing dresses, stretchy light materials, ballerinas and flip flops for the swollen feet. I have not told my oldest yet as she will not be very thrilled that she has to share her princess position with yet a second baby.. And the middle one has to grow up so fast. Aah, such is life! I will treasure this pregnancy and this baby because it will be my last..


  1. Oikein paljon onnea!:)

  2. Kiitos! Hui nyt kun tietaa etta joku joskus lukeekin tata blogia taytyy hieman sensuroida itseaan :-)