Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I am a big Christmas person. I enjoy the festivities, the traditional food, the chocolates, gingerbread, decorations, presents (both giving and receiving), music, and the chance to quiet the mind and heart in the middle of it all to remember the real reason we celebrate christmas and take in the blessings we have. We had a lovely Christmas and it is still continuing this week and until New Year. Santa was generous but practical and brought me things that I've been needing: Ugg's all weather boots and North Face light and packable down jacket. I also got Thierry Mugler's new perfume, the Alien - a quite unique scent which comes in a refillable bottle. Thanks Santa!

Today I am off to see the Christmas Carol play in the City with two of my girls. One of my daughter's friends has a part in it and we will take her celebrate after the play. And maybe we will have a chance to peek in on some of the sales.. The discounts are steep this year because the retailers were too optimistic and have a lot of inventory left. Just have to remember that a good deal is only a good deal if you really will wear the item. Better to stick with the classics like cashmere sweaters and good jackets, etc.

Friday, December 9, 2011

A Great Fashion Magazine

I may have mentioned this before, but I LOVE the Wall Street Journal Magazine. It's a monthly and it is one of the best fashion magazines I know of. It's none of the nonsense and all great articles and interesting photos and it's just fantastic. For some reason I did not receive the November issue, and I never had time to call and complain, but I was really upset. I have probably never been so upset over a magazine before (well maybe that one fall when they missed the delivery of the September Vogue and it was sold out everywhere when I realized they were not going to re-deliver).

The December issue features a photo editorial on jewelry with models that are not models at all but the great dames of the fashion and art world, aged 55-70. It's beautiful and so refreshing. The issue also has stories on Roger Vivier's Bruno Missoni and the house Max Mara. And of course great fashion photos.

If I ever left the financial industry, I might continue my subscription to Wall Street Journal just to continue to receive the WSJ Magazine!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Couple of Outfits

This fall has been the warmest ever! I just now have taken out my winter stuff.. I am so bad at taking pictures of myself, not sure the outfits are very visible here, but the first one is my Thanksgiving hosting outfit, and the second my Black Friday shopping outfit:

My Missoni Poncho - I LOVE it!

Burberry sweater coat, Escada jeans, Bottega Veneta bag

Monday, December 5, 2011

Life is an Art of Circumstance

Most people try to plan their lives and careers and make strategic moves that help them get closer to whatever goal they set for themselves. However, the line moving forward is not always linear and vertical. Sometimes, and maybe most of the time, because of circumstances, you may need to stay in one place for a long time, or move side-ways or horizontally, instead of upwards. Sometimes you even need to take a step back. These moves may open up new possibilities that were not even part of the original plan. That is what I call the beauty of life. If you let life carry you, be grateful of all the good things that you have, and do your best to live fully and present, learn new things and be open to change, push yourself just a little bit outside of your comfort zone every now and then, the plans will eventually fall into place and you will find yourself in an amazing place that you never thought possible...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Items on Ebay

I am in the process of posting these items on Ebay. My seller name is nycfashionistastore. Come and see my listings!

Sergio Rossi

Sergio Rossi

Sergio Rossi

Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik


Friday, December 2, 2011

More is more and starting something NEW

I am one of those people to whom one is never enough. I try to embrace the less is more philosophy but I never quite succeed because it's just not me. My closet is bursting in the seams and spilling over to the attic and various other places but I can't help myself - I am so bad at letting go of things, and so bad at not shopping. Retail is therapy - and having something new to wear is the ultimate feel good medicine for me.

I guess in this same vein, one job or career is not enough, and I have been planning to start another. This time I want to be in business for myself and do something fun in an area that I love: fashion, clothing, retail, style. However, I have invested so much time and effort in my career in the financial industry that I am not ready to let go of it yet. It also affords me a safety net as I explore this new business as more of a hobby first. I want to invite new and exciting developments to my life and career, learn new things, do something fun and make something cool happen one little step at a time.  

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Got Nothing to Wear?

A man told his friend: "My wife only has two complaints: nothing to wear and not enough closet space."

To me, planning is key. I usually choose my outfit in the evening so that I can get out of the door in the morning in time to catch my train. If I don't, it's usually a small catastrophe, and certainly a panicky moment when I think that I have nothing to wear, even though the closet is bursting. Certainly if I don't choose the outfit in advance, it tends to be boring and un-coordinated, and all day it just won't feel right.

Sometimes I even plan the whole week's outfits in advance, especially if I know that the week will be extraordinarily busy. If only I could be that organized in other areas of my life!

Monday, November 28, 2011

A Quick Bag Update

Ok, so I finally made up my mind and did NOT get the Reed Krakoff bag. The reason was that the bag is very heavy, even with nothing inside, and since I have issues with my hands, I can see a problem carrying it.  Instead, I am now leaning towards the Celine luggage tote in navy. Why is it so hard to decide on a bag this fall? The semester is almost over and I still don't have my new "schoolbag"...

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Treehouse Dreams

Who has not dreamed of a treehouse? I have, and I do. In my dreams it is a magical, romantic place to hide out from the world, a space where cellphones and computers would not be allowed, where you could just hide out, sit and daydream or maybe take a little picnic up there with loved ones and have a nice long chat about life.

A woman in Brooklyn made her dream come true. NY Times featured her backyard treehouse. It's cute and inspiring.

Here's another lovely treehouse, built by a boy and his father in Florida over many summer holidays. It took 4 years to build it and no doubt created a lovely bond between them, and an amazing memory and a place to hang out together:

This treehouse looks very Scandinavian:

I would love build a treehouse in my backyard, for me and my daughters to hang out, play and relax.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving (best laid plans...)

Sometimes the best laid plans don't work out the way they're supposed to... but things still turn out ok. My Thanksgiving was like that. The kids were a bit sick, nothing serious, just stuffy noses, but bad enough to ruin the night before Thanksgiving so that I hardly got much sleep, and was in no shape to get up and get everyone ready for the parade..

Our Thanksgiving menu:

Roasted turkey (brined in rosemary broth)
Lemony roasted yams
Brussel sprouts with caramelized onions and bacon bits
Mashed potatoes with garlic
Field greens with pears and gorgonzola
Waldorf salad
Stuffing with sausage and prunes

My Thanksgiving program:

Wake up at dawn, cuddle with the girls.
Drink strong coffee.
Have a sturdy breakfast of bagels with cream cheese and lox.
Get everyone in the car (not an easy task with 3 kids).
Drive to Manhattan to see Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Enjoy my daughters' joy in seeing the big parade balloons.
Get sore arms holding up the baby so she can see.
Drive back home.
Start cooking like a madwoman. First things first, i.e. put the turkey in the oven first, then tackle other menu items.
Sip white wine while cooking, put on mellow music like Andrea Bocelli or Norah Jones. Ask the 9-year old to be the DJ.
Clean up kitchen and freshen up, put on the hostess outfit (something festive, yet comfortable, probably my new Missoni poncho)
Welcome guests and sip more wine, light the candles.
Make sure turkey is done.
Serve food on good china (the table has been set nicely the night before).
Sit at Thanksgiving dinner for a good long time.
Take turns telling everyone what you are thankful for, and try to come up with at least one surprising thing.
Recruit everyone to help cleaning up the dinner table.
Light a fire in the fireplace. Notice that fireplace does not work and chimney needs a cleaning.
Serve desserts: cheesecake banana cream pie and pumpkin pie.
Enjoy kid's presentations: piano, violin and dance performances.
See guests out and give them leftovers to take home.
Put kids to bed.
Sip some more wine and re-hash the day with hubby.
Go to sleep exhausted but happy.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hippie, Snow White and the little Lady Bug

Have to get the Halloween pics posted before Thanksgiving. This Halloween I hung out with a hippie, the Snow White and my little friend lady bug...

Ready or not, here we come

the Spooky Walk was actually spooky

Trick or Treat

Peace out!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tom Ford Interview

The Bergdorf Goodman magazine has a great Tom Ford interview; it's very candid and intimate.  Of course the BG mag also offers lots of beautiful fashion pics. Conveniently, the magazine is available online:


Tom Ford is becoming a huge household name with his new cosmetics line. By principle I won't be buying any of it, however, because I think that $75 for an eye shadow quad or $48 for a tube of lipstick are crazy prices. My lipstick budget is capped at $30, which still thankfully buys me a Chanel lipstick.. For eye shadow, the Covergirl $8 quad from Duane Reade works well for me ;-) (And by the way, I have compared the CG to more exclusive brands, and it just wins every time - the consistency and colors are perfect, and I like my eye shadows soft, not too saturated with color anyway..)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Girls Girls Girls

Apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

My daughters are full on fashionistas.. it all starts with playing dress-up - and my three year old has been living in her Snow White dress for a while... 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Sunday

It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is next week. We did stuff today to get ready for the Holidays...some shopping, baking cookies, hanging lights outside...

I tried to snap an outfit photo.. but I am just hopeless with it.  

Still some beautiful fall foliage left 

My outfit's "Detail Shot"

Baking gingerbread cookies is a tradition

We made so many cookies that we shared some with neighbors 

Every year we add to the cookie cutter collection

The bear made a debut this year

And now you can enter the house underneath the snowflake lights

Inspiration - Andreas Gursky

I was watching the art reality TV show, "Work of Art", on Bravo. I don't know what made me think about Andreas Gursky and his amazing photographs..but I did and was immediately inspired. I saw his work in the MoMa about 10 years ago and have been a fan since. His art is interesting, the pictures are so rich and detailed, there is so much to see, but the symmetry and balance is beautiful and relaxing.

Andreas Gursky: 99 Cent
99 Cents
Andreas Gursky. "Rhein" 1996

By the way, I really like the Work of Art show. It is interesting to see the process, both thought and physical, that goes into creating a work of art... 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mother's Little Helper

White Lucent Brightening Eye Treatment
I have found my miracle product; it is Shiseido's White Lucent brightening eye treatment. Because I don't get nearly as much sleep as I need, and because age is creeping up, I need all the help I can get in the under eye department. This is the first product that really seems to make a visible difference. My skin looks less dark and less puffy and even though I don't have many lines yet, (thanks to good genes and an oily skin), it does seem to smooth the skin too. Overall, I give this product a 10. And just to clarify, I do not work for Shiseido, not did they pay for this commercial or give me a free product (although if anyone at Shiseido reads this, I'd be happy to provide shipping info).

Friday, November 18, 2011

What's happening at Jimmy Choo?

Financial Times reports that Tamara Mellon has resigned from Jimmy Choo, and the company is now being run by the German company Labelux.


It will be very interesting to see what happens to Jimmy Choo now.

Will the JC style change?

And what will Tamara Mellon do next?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Marimekko - Mika Ihamuotila

As the New York Marimekko store launched about a month ago, I was lucky enough to attend an event by the Finnish American Chamber of Commerce celebrating the launch, where Mika Ihamuotila, Marimekko's CEO, gave a presentation and spoke about the Marimekko culture. He is a very inspirational speaker, and his love for Marimekko really came through in his presentation. Marimekko cultivates a very Finnish identity, where the most important thing is to be authentic, sincere and be yourself. Pretension is very un-Marimekko.

I found an interview of Mika Ihamuotila online, where he discusses many of the same things he brought up in his presentation. I attach the interview here because I think he's clearly thought these things through very carefully, believes deeply in Marimekko's mission and culture, and because I really like what he has to say.

Retail contradictions: interview with Mika Ihamuotila, president & CEO, Marimekko

Mika Ihamuotila became President and CEO of Marimekko Corporation on 1st February 2008, having joined the company in 2007. Mika holds 1 percent of Marimekko Corporation's shares and voting rights, via Muotitila Ltd. Previously, Mika worked in the banking sector and was President and CEO of Sampo Bank, and before that was President and CEO of Mandatum Bank. He has held Board memberships, including at Elisa Corporation, the telecommunications company, where he was Deputy Chairman of the Board in 2006-2007. Mika was a visiting scholar of Yale University (USA) in 1992-199 . 

Marimekko's vision is to be the most highly acclaimed print designer in the world and one of the most appealing design-based consumer brands. The company's objective is to grow and succeed in the international arena as a Finnish design company that has a strong identity. Business development primarily focuses on controlled organic growth in Finland and selected export markets. In 2008, sales exceeded EUR81 million with profits exceeding EUR10 million. 


"The heart and soul of Marimekko is in design. We have our talent in creating colours and patterns. That's where we aim to be the best in the world. We aim to be the one that shows the way in colourful patterns. We then endeavour to merchandise these designs into different product categories. Today, our product mix includes fashion, interior decoration, fabrics and home accessories, bags and other accessories. The number of product categories could increase in the future but for the moment we want to focus on these product categories. 

"We want a clear focus on retail because we feel that we are not only selling products, we are also selling a philosophy, a lifestyle, an attitude to life, which is reflected in our designs and especially the colours and patterns that our products carry. This is an area where we want to compete. It is one of the issues with which we want to differentiate ourselves from other design or fashion brands. 

"We have a philosophy, a way of thinking about the world. It's very important for us to have direct contact with as many consumers as possible. That is one of the key reasons why we have chosen a retail strategy where our internationalisation is based on concept stores, and where Marimekko products are presented in single-branded stores with our personnel. 

"Within the stores, we have the opportunity to tell the story behind Marimekko, and to tell the stories behind the inspiration of the designers. It's a vehicle to directly communicate with our customers: to tell the stories and explain the philosophy. That's why we have put a lot of emphasis on Marimekko branded concept stores. 

"We are extremely selective when we go in to department stores, boutiques, and other retailers. We have to be sure that they have the motivation and willingness to represent a brand like ours in a very special manner. That means not only selling products, but also communicating to the customer something about the background of the company and our philosophy. 

"We find ourselves different from many design and fashion companies. Some people simply don't like Marimekko. They find it too colourful. It just doesn't appeal. We are quite comfortable with this. We are so strong in our philosophy that we want to approach customers and distribution channels that really understand and love us. In Finland, Scandinavia, Japan, the US and the UK, the customers who come back to our stores have a very deep affection for our brand. They follow our designers, they know our history and our core values, and they know that the values and the philosophy drive the designs. This is something that cannot be forgotten when defining Marimekko and explains why we have chosen the way that we want to grow in retail." 


"Marimekko is a design brand that every young fashion, textile and print designer is aware of from when he or she studies in art school or elsewhere. It's a brand that is taught by teachers and professors in design. We are approached by a large number of young designers from throughout the world who want to work with us. We are a colourful company--we want to be brave and we want to be different. The designers who approach us are not the ones that want to express themselves as ultra-luxury for consumers who want to use design as a way of showing that they are wealthy. Marimekko acts a magnet for a certain kind of young designers, who are good in colour and good in print, and also who want to express true feelings that are based on honesty. Our brand awareness amongst designers helps us recruit the right people. 
"Having been around for many decades, the experience of the company means that we can see the potential of new designers. It is very much based on intuition. We know when someone will be good for Marimekko, but it is very difficult to say why. We have a feeling about a new designer. They express the same values as Marimekko, irrespective of the details of their designs. We work with people who have a philosophy similar to own. 

"The philosophy starts from the basic nature of Finnish people. We are extremely honest people, often to the point of appearing naive. We want to be honest with ourselves. We feel that the joy of life will be found if you are honest with yourself, then you will have the courage to express yourself and that is the way to find happiness. 

"The whole philosophy of Marimekko is the very much the same. We want to radiate honesty and to radiate values that encourage people in different parts of the world to be honest with themselves and to find their own values. If you have good self-esteem, then you can express yourself, and then you are willing to wear colours and patterns. Marimekko's designs are expressed in very bright colours with very brave designs. We are never understated but we are also never overstated. We don't try to be something other than what we are. We don't pretend to be a super luxury brand. We give our designers the freedom to express themselves and that is where they get the courage. I know it sounds 'soft', but it is what we believe. We choose designers who have a genuine personality. They love the freedom. Be yourself! Don't follow other designers! Don't follow trends! If you are open to your own sensitivity then you are creative. 

"Personality is very important throughout our company. If you go to our stores, they are staffed with people who like the values of Marimekko. That's why the whole brand, the whole design house works well. It attracts a certain kind of personnel. I love to work at our headquarters because I amsurrounded by colleagues who share my values. The genuine feeling is something that I have not felt anywhere else. It's a very special place. I am so proud of all these people, especially in this world where people are so often greedy and ambitious. I want to encourage these people to remain like this, even when we are internationalising. We should be proud of what we are." 


"Marimekko has been a domestic Finnish company in which the internationalisation was often based on somebody in the US or Japan contacting us and saying "I would like to open a store, is that ok?". now, we are more proactive and more professional in supporting our retail development. It's not very important that Marimekko is from Finland, but clients are interested in where the design expressions come from. The values are universal. We want to compete with our different values. If you are Japanese, you can feel that you are from Japan but also feel that our designs radiate values that are important to you. 

"There are now 18 Marimekko concept stores in Japan. We have chosen a partner who appreciates our values, and who chooses store personnel who also have these values. The store managers from different parts of the world come and spend a week with us in Finland. They meet the designers. They live the brand. Then they are in a position to take the message to the people in the stores, and those employees in the stores can communicate it to the customers. So, the customers really feel that there is something more than products behind the brand. We very much believe that. 

"We need clever and enthusiastic entrepreneurs to run our concept stores in different parts of the world. All of the entrepreneurs come to Finland twice a year. We want them to come here. They get energised. They meet the other store owners and meet the designers. It's very much more than selling products. It's a very special atmosphere." 


"We appreciate people working closely with us. It's very agreeable, very Finnish. But also, as a businessman, I understand that we are selling more than just products, so it becomes an imperative. It's a strategic decision to keep everyone close. We want to gain pricing power for our retailers in comparison to competitors. We want to attract customers who love the brand, who don't think that there are any peers or competitors. We want to differentiate, where the customers don't actually feel that there are any alternatives. Even though we are not greedy, we are a company that tries to make profit in order to grow. Our pricing policy is based on unique designs and a unique philosophy. That's why we have chosen to work with our retailers in this way. 

"We believe that the consumer of the future will appreciate brands that have values. It is our vision that today and tomorrow's consumer will appreciate lifestyle brands, where they can understand the values behind that lifestyle and we want to express that." 


"We believe that tomorrow's consumer will give more emphasis to production and manufacturing that they have given over the last 20 or 0 years. A big trend over the last few decades has been the democratisation of fashion, the democratisation of design, like H&M, IKEA and so on. This has been a fantastic phenomenon because through low prices an average consumer has had the opportunity to buy something he or she hasn't had the opportunity to do before. But the consumer has lost the feeling of how products are manufactured, where they are manufactured, what ethical standards are in place, what environmental issues there are, and the role of the human being. 

"Our designers can walk 50 metres and go to our factory. For example, a bag designer can meet with a print designer and they can go to the factory together and talk to the printer and say "that red can be more pinkish" or "we don't like that fabric". The people in the factory know the designers. They can call the designers and say "this doesn't seem right, come and see how this works". We feel that this way of working provides a very special difference. We don't want to be a mass production company. We don't want to be a company that has a design studio in New York or London and then outsources all the production elsewhere. We want the designers working with the production. This is a strategic competitive edge for us. Great designers want to work closely with the manufacturing process. 

"I personally very much believe, rightly or wrongly, that the consumer of today and the future wants to know the story behind the brand, and appreciates the retailer who can tell them. I believe the consumer will appreciate these aspects more and more, especially the younger consumers. I see a big business opportunity here." 


"We don't feel that this is a brand that will just explode in a new market. If you meet a person who is an extrovert then you can understand them in about 20 seconds. But if you meet a Finn (who is usually an introvert) for the first time, you will not feel you know who they are. It takes time to get to know them. It takes repeated meetings to understand that a person is honest and I can trust him or her. It takes time, and Marimekko needs time. 

"Before joining Marimekko, I built up a company that was then sold for a high price. I wanted a career change to a situation where I had such a significant ownership in a company that nobody could take it away from me, from us. I want to encourage my people to have a ten year horizon. We don't have to have results after 12 months, or the next quarter. This is a different kind of a journey. It takes time. Things don't always happen immediately." 


"We have a lot of potential to improve our marketing, especially in telling our story. We are placing emphasis on our marketing and PR. Our retail personnel are being coached to understand the values and philosophy, where our designs come from, where they are manufactured. We are producing different materials that can be given to customers who come to the stores, creating more vehicles to deliver the message. 

"I'm in love with this company. I'm in love with these people. I want to make our retail stores something that the world has never seen before. When you come to our concept stores in a few years time, I want you to feel something that you haven't felt from visiting any other store in the world. I know this is a very difficult task. I understand that we need vehicles that help to tell our story. We are working on these, so that we can speed up the process of explaining the complete Marimekko story." 


"One of the big challenges is to find professional and committed retail partners, who are willing to commit themselves in the long term to Marimekko. Our design and philosophy is going in the right direction, and I feel comfortable with that but we need to attract professional retail partners who understand the brand. It's easier to market a simple message that we are cheap or technical. But it takes time to explain Marimekko. 

"In Japan, we have a retail partner who operates the Marimekko concept stores. It has been a fantastic cooperation. They are committed and we are committed. We have a mutual goal, and it is in ten years time, not next year. They come to Helsinki all the time, and we go there. We support each other. We would like to have more retail partners like this. We are known by the fashion press, by the design press, and the experts in that area but we are not really well-known in retail yet. This is a big challenge for us--to make us an interesting partner. 

"We have to make the company scalable. We have to be able to deliver to our retail partners. Our current partners always say that they can trust us to deliver. As sales through new distribution channels grow, we have to deliver the same high quality every time. It's an important question for us. This is not just about production, but also about being able to scale the values. 

"Maybe Marimekko should never be a huge company. It's an iconic company, a cult company. If it tries to please everybody, then it will lose its character. However, the truth is that we are so small that we could easily be ten or 20 times bigger." 


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sweater Dress

I recently made a great sale-find at Anthropologie; this versatile sweater dress, which was featured in the September catalogue:


Anthro's catalogues are another story... they are so beautiful and inspiring. I always get an urge to take out my sewing machine and start whipping up patchwork pillow covers and the like.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Marimekko in NYC!! Part 2

I snapped these photos when I visited the new store with my daughter on the opening week. My daughter received love for Marimekko in her mother's milk, and our first purchase from the store was the cutest pair of Converse sneakers for her, with the Unikko print.

The umbrellas at Madison Square Park were celebrating Marimekko too! 

The store had a DIY event as we went, where you could take fabric scraps and do something creative with them. I made a necklace! My daughter made a bracelet. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Occupy Wall Street (edited)

I reread what I wrote yesterday, and had to edit a little bit. I haven't really thought about OWS too much until now, even though they have been so "in my face". But now that I have begun to pay attention, my thinking slowly evolves.

I may have mentioned once or twice that I work in the world of finance. Just so happens that the Zuccotti park where the OWS'ers have camped since 9/17 is right outside my office building. As most Wall Streeters I am a bit confused about the message and what they are hoping would be the result of the protest, but unlike most Wall Streeters, I do symphatize with them. The overall philosophy against corporate greed is something that I can wholeheartedly support. In my opinion publicly owned corporations should have strong independent boards that are more than just a rubber-stamp for the executives, and should be steering the company in way that benefits the society, environment as well as their clients. In the long run this is the best (the only) way for sustainable success. Instead, today's decisions are made by CEOs and top executives to maximize the stock price in a short run (to better benefit from the stock options they own). The compensation of top executives is out of control; supposedly to be able to hire and keep the best talent. I can just ask, as my 8-year old would say: Really? Really? The most screaming injustice are the huge exit packages that CEOs get, no matter whether the stock price is up or down, or event if the company is bankrupt. These exit packages are designed so that CEOs would not fight takeover bids in fear of losing their jobs, but it's just gone too far.

Obviously, I am a capitalist. I believe in meritocracy, pursuit of excellence, and working hard to get ahead. That is the philosophy  that America was built on. And that is still to this day, the beauty of this country. Immigrants come here and build themselves good lives. But something along the way has gone wrong, and values such as honest work ethics, honor, good old productiveness, have given way to greed and entitlement. Capitalism has become a predatory sport.

Marimekko in NYC!!

All Finnish people have a very emotional tie to a little fabric and fashion company called Marimekko. Best known for its bold "Unikko" flower print, Marimekko was made famous in the 1960's when Jackie Kennedy wore a Marimekko dress. It was very different at the time. The bold print and the shape which is not body-conscious at all. To us Finns, Marimekko symbolizes Finland, it is the story of our life as the prints have been around all our lives and are part of most of our memories. I don't think I know any expatriate that does not own something Marimekko, whether a beach bag or tea towel.

So when I first noticed the windows at the space on 23rd Street and Fifth Avenue in July, announcing that Marimekko will open there in the fall, I was ecstatic. I immediately started making inquiries, and fair enough, Marimekko is on an international expansion spree, opening flagship stores in important markets around the world.

The new Marimekko store in the Flatiron District of Manhattan is beautiful, airy, modern, and colorful!

NY Times Critical Shopper Column had an opinion as well. Here is a link to the review, it's an interesting read, even if you don't fully agree ;-)


Friday, November 11, 2011

Quiet on the Blog Front

Well there's an obvious statement. Looks like I haven't had the time or energy to post in over a month. Life has been crazy, both in a good way and in a bad way... Work has been busy as ever, I was diagnosed with a carpal tunnel syndrome on my left wrist, and on the social front there's been a wedding, kids' birthdays, dinner parties and Halloween. Time to take a little breather before the Holiday season is upon us. Oops, it already is. Thanksgiving is in less than two weeks, yikes! As the hostess with the mosses, I usually host Thanksgiving, and this year too, but thankfully (no pun intended) to a smaller group. However, after Thanksgiving there is a lot of entertainment ahead, as well as a trip to Finland before Christmas. This year we are actually home for Christmas which has not happened for many years, and I am really looking forward to it.

Today it is 11/11/11 - a good time to take a moment and take stock...

On a different note, this fall has been a bit crazy because of another reason too. I have not found a bag to totally fall in love with, or enough to make the commitment of a purchase. And yes, it has been frustrating. I mean, there is the beautiful Fendi lady bag, Silvana, and of course there is Celine with the interesting side flaps. But something has been holding me back from being totally gaga..  That is, until now. I went to a doctor's appointment today and a very stylish girl there, a fellow patient, was rocking a gorgeous Reed Krakoff bag. I recognized it because of the belt detail, having seen it in magazines. And of course I had to ask, and confirm my doubt. What a gorgeous bag it was. I had as bad bag envy as ever! And I was wearing my cross body Hermes, which says something. Anyhow, I am so happy tomorrow is Saturday and since I had decided to take it easy, I have no plans, and I can take a drive to Saks which sells these beauties. I am torn between the black one and the orange. I mean, the black is gorgeous, and goes with everything, but how many black bags does a person need? The orange is a beautiful hue and what a pop of color! Hopefully I could see both tomorrow and then make the right choice.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

It was a beautiful day at the pumpkin patch today. We picked three pumpkins, big, medium and small; and bought apples, apple cider; and we got to suggest a name for a piggy... One daughter suggested "Sleepy" because he was sleeping, and the three year old suggested "Possu" (a pig is Finnish!) and the five-year old friend with us suggested "Bella".

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I still don't know how she does it.. or how I do it..

The reality is that you cannot do it all. Something has to give. And in the movie Kate Reddy eventually has to relax her schedule to make sure that she can see her kids at least on the weekends.. So, the movie was light, funny and entertaining as expected. It also did bring up some issues that working mothers deal with, the guilt, the total lack of time for anything, the competition at work ready to pounce when you have a weak moment, etc. The cliche "mommy wars" theme, however, was a bit tired..

The movie was timely for me, as I've been pondering an opportunity that would require quite a big time commitment in addition to my current job. I now work four days a week, and this new project would probably take up the rest of the week. The question I ask myself is whether I do have the endurance, energy and motivation to spread myself so thin?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Show Pony

The guest outfits at fashion shows were very colorful this year.. not the usual black.. all the more for us mere mortals to gawk at. I wish I had been a fly on the wall (or the guest sitting behind) to hear the conversation between Nicki Minaj and Anna Wintour. Some mind reading ability would have been fun too, to find out what Wintour really thought about Minaj's outfit..

Looking Good! Celebs at New York Fashion Week

Looking Good! Celebs at New York Fashion Week

But I am saving the best for last:

Molly Sims and Fergie