Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I am a big Christmas person. I enjoy the festivities, the traditional food, the chocolates, gingerbread, decorations, presents (both giving and receiving), music, and the chance to quiet the mind and heart in the middle of it all to remember the real reason we celebrate christmas and take in the blessings we have. We had a lovely Christmas and it is still continuing this week and until New Year. Santa was generous but practical and brought me things that I've been needing: Ugg's all weather boots and North Face light and packable down jacket. I also got Thierry Mugler's new perfume, the Alien - a quite unique scent which comes in a refillable bottle. Thanks Santa!

Today I am off to see the Christmas Carol play in the City with two of my girls. One of my daughter's friends has a part in it and we will take her celebrate after the play. And maybe we will have a chance to peek in on some of the sales.. The discounts are steep this year because the retailers were too optimistic and have a lot of inventory left. Just have to remember that a good deal is only a good deal if you really will wear the item. Better to stick with the classics like cashmere sweaters and good jackets, etc.

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