Friday, December 2, 2011

More is more and starting something NEW

I am one of those people to whom one is never enough. I try to embrace the less is more philosophy but I never quite succeed because it's just not me. My closet is bursting in the seams and spilling over to the attic and various other places but I can't help myself - I am so bad at letting go of things, and so bad at not shopping. Retail is therapy - and having something new to wear is the ultimate feel good medicine for me.

I guess in this same vein, one job or career is not enough, and I have been planning to start another. This time I want to be in business for myself and do something fun in an area that I love: fashion, clothing, retail, style. However, I have invested so much time and effort in my career in the financial industry that I am not ready to let go of it yet. It also affords me a safety net as I explore this new business as more of a hobby first. I want to invite new and exciting developments to my life and career, learn new things, do something fun and make something cool happen one little step at a time.  

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