Thursday, January 28, 2010

Who is going to wear this to the Oscars?

New York Times published this picture of a John Galliano for Dior gown today. I wonder who will wear this absolutely gorgeous gown to the Oscars?

My New Boyfriend

Yes, I have a new boyfriend!!! His name is Robert. Or is it Sherlock?

Robert Downey Jr. is so good in Sherlock Holmes that he will have the honor to be my new boyfriend. I had high expectations of the movie having heard from many people that this was the movie with which Guy Ritchie redeems himself. But they were not exactly right, because the film would not be all that good without Robert! He is the perfect Sherlock Holmes. Neurotic, socially inept, a bit nasty, fighting demons and addiction, and (of course) SO sexy.. I have not been a huge fan before and did not care too much for Ironman, but Robert has my heart now. xoxo

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


After a couple of days of respite from the arctic weather we are back to freezing point. Maybe that was my inpiration for an impulse buy of Chinchilly or maybe it was the fact that it's been raved about everywhere and I finally found it in stock. Be that as it may, during my quick lunch break I spotted Essie's Chinchilly nail color in my local Duane Reade. $8 later this gray, supposedly uber cool, nail color came home (or in this case work) with me. I can't wait to go home, put everyone to bed and try on my new cool color. I really hope that the only co-worker that I have who really appreciates these things comes back soon. As of now I have no one to share my joy with, and no one to show my wonderful nails to.. Well, I am scheduled to go for drinks tomorrow night, with some other co-workers, so maybe my nails will get some much warranted attention after all.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Men's Fashion

Now that men's fashion weeks are taking place, a thought came to mind after looking at the pictures from the shows. Ladies really should take a page out of men's fashion! And I am not just talking about the menswear inspired fashions or the boyfriend jeans or the white shirts borrowed from boyfriends, husbands or dads. As men, we ladies should focus more on cut, fit and quality, and less on trends. We spend way too much money on the latest items, and much too little on the staples that will make us feel good and look good for years to come. That said, I am going to start hunting for the perfect tweed jacket that will last me a lifetime. It will have to have the perfect cut, perfect color, perfect collar, perfect sleeves, otherwise I will not buy it. I will pair it with a pencil skirt, jeans, sharp tailored pants, maybe even a dress. I will dress it up with big necklaces or hanging scarves. Sometimes it may be Ralph Laurenish, sometimes Oscar de la Renta'ish, sometimes Thakoon, or Michael Kors, maybe even Marc Jacobs!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I have to admit that I am a recovering shopaholic. Which is to say that I do have lapses from time to time, even though mostly I am very careful about shopping. Except when I get stressed out and need retail therapy. Or have a drink before shopping (what a dangerous combo that is!). Mostly I find that it is best to just stay away from shops. Anyhoo, I am trying to be very mindful about shopping and buying, and am trying to understand my own shopping triggers in general. So when I heard about this book, Buyology, by Martin Lindstrom, that talks about the effect of advertising in the brain, I thought that it might give me some revelation about my own shopping habits and why I buy, or why my brain makes me buy :-). I borrowed the book from my local library (yes, the days of buying books are over) and proceeded to read through about brain scans and emotions, whether sex, beauty or celebrities sells, and why anti-smoking campaigns are not working.. The biggest thing that I took away is that emotions are strongly linked to our buying behavior. So no surprise there. But at least for a while, I will be more mindful when looking at an advert in a magazine, and can analyze what is it in the picture that so beckons me to buy.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Enough with this cold already! The cold is definitely messing with my style. You see, I am too old to sacrifice comfort for style. I have a problem with my knees as they seem to freeze in approximately 5 seconds in sub-zero weather (sub zero Celsius, that is), which is why I need to wear a full length coat whenever the temperature falls at 32 degrees (Fahrenheit, that is). I also have a 10 minute walk to the subway, down a very windy street. And anyone who has experienced a New York winter knows it is all about the wind shield!

Even though my full length coats are very nice, they are not the height of fashion. This winter I've been wearing a dark grey shearling coat and a Michael Kors down coat, both down to my ankles, and WARM WARM WARM.

A New Try

I tried blogging for the first time this fall. Being a working mother of 2 adorable children, it is hard to find time for updating the blog, especially with photos, which really make the blog interesting. So I quit the NYC Fashionista blog and stopped blogging.

A couple of months went by and I missed blogging surprisingly much! So I started a new blog with the same name: NYC Fashionista. I am really bad at downloading my pictures so there won't be new photos that often. Maybe I should get a smaller memory card for my camera, then I would be forced to download more often.  The postings will be random, based on how much time I have and what is going on in my work and home life. I don't expect anyone to read my blog. However, it's out there and if someone reads it, please comment and let me know what you think :-)