Thursday, January 21, 2010

Men's Fashion

Now that men's fashion weeks are taking place, a thought came to mind after looking at the pictures from the shows. Ladies really should take a page out of men's fashion! And I am not just talking about the menswear inspired fashions or the boyfriend jeans or the white shirts borrowed from boyfriends, husbands or dads. As men, we ladies should focus more on cut, fit and quality, and less on trends. We spend way too much money on the latest items, and much too little on the staples that will make us feel good and look good for years to come. That said, I am going to start hunting for the perfect tweed jacket that will last me a lifetime. It will have to have the perfect cut, perfect color, perfect collar, perfect sleeves, otherwise I will not buy it. I will pair it with a pencil skirt, jeans, sharp tailored pants, maybe even a dress. I will dress it up with big necklaces or hanging scarves. Sometimes it may be Ralph Laurenish, sometimes Oscar de la Renta'ish, sometimes Thakoon, or Michael Kors, maybe even Marc Jacobs!

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