Saturday, November 26, 2011

Treehouse Dreams

Who has not dreamed of a treehouse? I have, and I do. In my dreams it is a magical, romantic place to hide out from the world, a space where cellphones and computers would not be allowed, where you could just hide out, sit and daydream or maybe take a little picnic up there with loved ones and have a nice long chat about life.

A woman in Brooklyn made her dream come true. NY Times featured her backyard treehouse. It's cute and inspiring.

Here's another lovely treehouse, built by a boy and his father in Florida over many summer holidays. It took 4 years to build it and no doubt created a lovely bond between them, and an amazing memory and a place to hang out together:

This treehouse looks very Scandinavian:

I would love build a treehouse in my backyard, for me and my daughters to hang out, play and relax.

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