Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tom Ford Interview

The Bergdorf Goodman magazine has a great Tom Ford interview; it's very candid and intimate.  Of course the BG mag also offers lots of beautiful fashion pics. Conveniently, the magazine is available online:


Tom Ford is becoming a huge household name with his new cosmetics line. By principle I won't be buying any of it, however, because I think that $75 for an eye shadow quad or $48 for a tube of lipstick are crazy prices. My lipstick budget is capped at $30, which still thankfully buys me a Chanel lipstick.. For eye shadow, the Covergirl $8 quad from Duane Reade works well for me ;-) (And by the way, I have compared the CG to more exclusive brands, and it just wins every time - the consistency and colors are perfect, and I like my eye shadows soft, not too saturated with color anyway..)

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