Sunday, November 13, 2011

Marimekko in NYC!!

All Finnish people have a very emotional tie to a little fabric and fashion company called Marimekko. Best known for its bold "Unikko" flower print, Marimekko was made famous in the 1960's when Jackie Kennedy wore a Marimekko dress. It was very different at the time. The bold print and the shape which is not body-conscious at all. To us Finns, Marimekko symbolizes Finland, it is the story of our life as the prints have been around all our lives and are part of most of our memories. I don't think I know any expatriate that does not own something Marimekko, whether a beach bag or tea towel.

So when I first noticed the windows at the space on 23rd Street and Fifth Avenue in July, announcing that Marimekko will open there in the fall, I was ecstatic. I immediately started making inquiries, and fair enough, Marimekko is on an international expansion spree, opening flagship stores in important markets around the world.

The new Marimekko store in the Flatiron District of Manhattan is beautiful, airy, modern, and colorful!

NY Times Critical Shopper Column had an opinion as well. Here is a link to the review, it's an interesting read, even if you don't fully agree ;-)

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