Sunday, September 25, 2011

I still don't know how she does it.. or how I do it..

The reality is that you cannot do it all. Something has to give. And in the movie Kate Reddy eventually has to relax her schedule to make sure that she can see her kids at least on the weekends.. So, the movie was light, funny and entertaining as expected. It also did bring up some issues that working mothers deal with, the guilt, the total lack of time for anything, the competition at work ready to pounce when you have a weak moment, etc. The cliche "mommy wars" theme, however, was a bit tired..

The movie was timely for me, as I've been pondering an opportunity that would require quite a big time commitment in addition to my current job. I now work four days a week, and this new project would probably take up the rest of the week. The question I ask myself is whether I do have the endurance, energy and motivation to spread myself so thin?

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