Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cheap Chic Crash

I am a big fan of cheap chic, so when I heard about the Missoni line for Target I made a mental note to check the web site when it hits on 9/13.. and I did - but apparently the line was so popular that it has crashed Target's web site. Can you believe it? I hope they still have these bed spreads available when they get the web site back up.. I just heard that everything is long gone from Target stores.Look_61sx


  1. It was madness this morning. I stopped by one of Target stores in my area and everything was gone... the only things left were a few pairs of wellies and some girls clothing... unbelievable

  2. wow.. I guess all the stuff is going to hit Ebay soon. This is crazy. I know I love my labels, but this is unprecedented. I don't think the Karl Lagerfeld line for Macy's did much. But then again, it was a bit of a bore..