Friday, September 9, 2011


Ok, we have survived an earthquake and a hurricane. (And some of us have survived a wicked cold!)  Now the fashion folks have to survive the Fashion Week.. And the rest of us are saddened again and again with all the coverage of the 9/11 anniversary that transports us back to that horrible morning, day and following weeks.

Last night it was Fashion's Night Out, and I went for the first time.. Because of family or work obligations, I've never been before during the few years that it's been happening. But this time I did go. I chose to come back to LI from work and go to the Americana mall at Manhasset, tagging the family along (it seems I rarely do anything without them - anyhoo, I thought my oldest would've quite enjoyed the hoopla).  But what a disappointment it was. By the time we were there, which was around 7:30 pm, there was hardly anything going on.. Some bubbly at Etro and Vince, and some black raspberry vodka cocktails at Escada (due to the cold, I had not one sip - come to think of it, maybe that is why it just seemed like such a bore..). I guess Long Islandites party early - as I was told that most of the people were there early and stores were getting ready to call it a night.. Well, next year, if I get the chance, I will do FNO in the City - I have heard that Saks is a lot of fun.

Now I am going to look at the coverage of the NY Fashion Week - the previews say that it is a lot less skin and a lot more color than previous years. Longer hems, less cleavage - I am ok with that!

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