Monday, June 28, 2010

Ta Daa!

I have a lot to learn about taking pictures of myself - and since there is now so much going on in my life with the renovation, learning to take those pics is not that high on my list. (And neither are my outfits all that interesting, given my very much growing body. PLEASE do not criticize the arms, or anything else, because I already feel quite like wanting to wear a burka for the next three moths..) I did manage to snap this shot in our new bedroom. I am not sure if I can call it the outfit of the day picture since it is not very clear at all, but here I am, wearing a Walmart dress, shell necklace and flower ring from Street vendors, watch by Michael Kors, sunglasses Fendi.

Oh, and Mid Summer was fabulous!! We took a one-day vacation from renovation on Saturday and went to the traditional Mid Summer party at a friend's lake cottage. The food was out of this world, with all the Finnish Juhannus treats, including smoked salmon, herring, new potatoes, etc. The friends of our hosts took us out on the lake on their boat once it got dark, and we enjoyed the yearly village fireworks that exploded right on top of us on the lake. BEAUTIFUL! The dark lake with lots of boats to view the show - so exotic. The girls were so excited - they have never seen fireworks from that close. I enjoyed their joy and excitement, as well as the pretty firework show. Earlier in the day I also did get my moment on the lake to quiet my mind and its demands, and to breathe easy and appreciate all the things happening in my life right now.

On Sunday we had to stop by the house to assess the work that was done - but afterwards we had a nice dinner at Morton's Steakhouse. All in all, it was a very nice and relaxing weekend!

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