Monday, June 28, 2010

Renovation Status Report

 This much garbage - most of it old wood paneling

The living room:  new insulation and sheet rock on the walls as well as a few coats of plaster on both the walls and ceiling (still needs sanding and paint), removed floor tiles

The old porch (in the far end of picture, where the guy is sitting):  insulation on walls, sheet rock, plaster, instead of a door there is now just a wall between the two windows on the right side, a big hole in one of the left side windows (collateral damage - and won't matter since all the windows will be replaced anyway), raised and insulated floor

The old dining area: plaster in the ceiling, removed mirror from walls
The kitchen: removed all cabinets and floor tiles

Both the plumber and the electrician have done a lot of work. 

The next steps are to finish the plastering, get the floors done, then paint, install new kitchen, and the master bathroom, vanities and toilets in the other bathrooms. 

Plans keep changing as we go..and the renovation budget also plays a role in the decisions we have to make. The kitchen especially is shaping out to be slightly different than I had wanted and envisioned, but it will still be very nice. We have also decided to put the dining table in the old porch area, and use the middle (old dining room) for our TV/family room.

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