Monday, June 21, 2010

It's so hard not to shop...

And it's so hard to get over the Bottega Veneta obsession...although, I just may have done it now.. Over the weekend, between Home Depot and the construction site, I did manage to squeeze in one short visit to Bottega Veneta. Just to get a quick peak! I almost bought a bag - but while I was inspecting the bag, with my kids running around the store, and my belly sticking out it being quite obvious I was knocked up again, the sales lady said something that really turned me off.. I know, it's not such a big deal, but I just could not help but being a bit miffed. I was talking to myself mostly, but also to her, saying that this could look nice with jeans but that the bag is really more ladylike and for the office rather than for toting around baby bottles. The sales woman looks at me conspiratorially, and says that oh, don't worry, most women who buy this bag don't work.. I got a bit upset that she so readily assumed that I did not work. Of course I told her that I actually do work, but then the damage was done, and I was turned off. I did not buy the bag, and truth be told, Bottega Veneta can wait a while. But since I did not get my shopping fix there, I was itching for something fabulous and cute. Luckily, a blogger girlfriend Tres Chic, gave me a hint about certain Vivienne Westwood rubber booties that I had admired on her being available at my I can't wait to receive them - bring on the rain and sleet in the fall - I will be fabulously ready in my new rubber booties!

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