Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Isn't it funny that when the thing that you have most wanted finally happens, it seems scary, too big and difficult, and just makes you hyperventilate. You almost regret ever wanting it! We have been looking for a house (or apartment) for years. First we couldn't decide where we wanted to live. We looked at apartments, but could not find anything that was big enough for us or close to good schools. Then we looked at houses but got scared of living in the suburbs. Then we looked at apartments again, and this cycle went on for a few years. Meanwhile real estate prices kept rising and finally collapsed. And when we finally made the decision to go for a house in the suburbia, it took forever to find a house that seemed like it was worthwile to make the big move. The only good thing about this is that I can say that we bought at the bottom of the market! We were procrastinating all this for so long that we didn't even mind waiting a few extra months after actually buying a house before moving in. But now that the time is here I have cold feet.. is this normal or am I just crazy? I change between being excited about the possibilities and then scared about the change of lifestyle, long commute, feeling isolated and lonely, living in a construction zone and being overwhelmed financially.. I need some ZEN, right now!


  1. Kolminkertainen onnittelu hurraahuuto Dublinista!
    Vasta nyt loysin blogisi, ja sen jalkeen meni viela hetki opetteluun etta kuinka naita kommentteja jatetaan, krhm.

    Eli onnea blogista, onnea raskaudesta, ja onnea kodista!
    Blogisi loytymisen jalkeen olen lukenut joka jutun. Kielesi on ihailtavan sujuvaa. Mielenkiintoisia aiheita, luettavaa tekstia, what's not to like!

    Kaikkea hyvaa toivottaa,
    Ellien "Lucy Brown"

  2. Hei Mari! Kiitos ihanasta kommentista ja onnitteluista! Kylla taalla nyt tapahtuukin ja paljon kerralla... Blogiin olisi paljon enemman kirjoitettavaa kuin aikaa riittaa!