Monday, September 6, 2010

What I want, What I need, What I have to have for fall...

Aaahhh, fall fashion! It's love, love and love! Even those fall seasons that feature trends that a fashion lover doesn't really care for, it's still love, after all, love conquers everything. You can always find something, a sweater, a coat, a boot... But this fall, there is just everything to love. I adore the current ladylike and minimalist fashion - and having that for the fall season is just the cherry on top. However, fall is the most dangerous time budget wise...a fashion lover can easily get carried away with excessive shopping...especially after being pregnant for 9 months and having had like two things to wear. So such a person should prepare herself for the temptation, have a very good plan, and stick to it, if they don't want to blow their budget to smithereens and cause strife in their relationship, and suffer from shopping hangover until next June.

I really have not been shopping for myself for a (very) long time. But my new foodmarket is in a stripmall (a very nice one!!) that has a Banana Republic, Scoop and a couple of other nice stores and pricey boutiques. I had controlled myself for weeks, but finally gave in and went to Banana..and came out with a bag full of stuff. The only explanation is that they had an amazing sale and I was starving. But that experience really reminded me what a recovering shopaholic I am and how important it is to have a plan, and be disciplined. Another dangerous aspect about my new living situation is that I am quite near the Americana mall at Manhasset - a luxury shopping paradise if there ever was one. Over there I really need to keep my wits with me..

So I decided to very carefully create a list of items that I am allowed to buy this fall. There will be wants, needs and have to haves. And all categories will be edited down to the bare necessities that I just cannot live without. I have never tried this approach before, as I have always been the kind of shopper that just browses without a plan or mission, just for the fun of shopping and the thrill of the hunt. But if I am to allow myself to start shopping again, I need a new normal and this is worth a try.

In the wants category I could list pretty much any item from the Tommy Hilfiger "Meet the Hilfigers" ad campaign, however, two items stand out as "uber" wants: the tall duckboots and the asymmetrical schoolgirl wool skirt.

I have to admit that I have never been a big TH fan, but his 2010 fall collection just hits the right note. It is such luxurious preppyness that I am totally taken.

However, in reality, the 5 inch high heels of the TH duckboots may be a bit much for a fall when I am just mainly going to be seen pushing a new born baby in the Bugaboo. So maybe this want will not make it into the have to have list.. The skirt on the other hand, is under serious consideration. It is a bit short, but the twist on this schoolgirl skirt really appeals to me, and I believe that this look would have staying power for years to come and be easy to combine with classic turtleneck sweaters, opaque tights and lovely fall boots.


  1. Kivalta näyttää toi hame!
    Täällä toinen recovering shopper.
    En oikeasti TARVITSE syksyksi yhtään mitään, etenkin kun alan taas mahtua entisiin vaatteisiini, mutta mieleni tekee kenkiä, laukkua, huivia ym. accessories. Yritän harkita ja miettiä mitkä kestäisivät parhaiten aikaa ja mitä kaikkein eniten himoitsen.
    Ja syys/talvitamineisiin saa tosiaan helposti uppoamaan paljon budjettiaan enemmän rahaa.
    Kiva lukea listastasi!

  2. Ihailen kurinalaisuuttasi ja järjestelmällisyyttäsi. Minun pitäisi nyt ottaa oppia tästä jutustasi. Ihan ensimmäiseksi analysoimaan oman garderobin sisältöä...

    Näitä saappaita en hankkisi itselleni, niin herkulliset kuin ne ovatkin. Jäisivät käyttämättä, tunnen itseni. Mutta ne Guccin matalat saappaat, sain ihan väristyksiä!;) Vielä kun löytyisi vastaavat edullisemmat.

  3. No ei munkaan oikeastaan pitaisi ostaa mitaan, varsinkaan kun tassa syksyn mittaan tulen viela olemaan hieman normaalia pulskemmassa kunnossa raskauden jalkeen.. Joten ostokset taitaa keskittya kenkiin, laukkuihin, ja sellaisiin vaatteisiin joiden ei tarvitse niin taydellisesti istua, esim. joku ihana iso ja loysa kashmirvillaneule jonka alle voisi katkea raskaudenjalkeisen taikinavatsan..