Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pregnancy Issues - part 1

As my due date approaches, I am thinking more and more about my body's recovery after giving birth. With my first child almost eight years ago, I bounced back quickly and did nothing special to get into shape after the pregnancy. With my second child, five years later, I went through a mild baby blues period, and then had to diet drastically to lose the baby weight.

This time around, I am expecting the baby blues again (those pesky hormones get more and more difficult as you get older!) and difficulty in the weight loss department (the metabolism is definitely not what it used to be). I now know, however, how to deal with these things. I can improve my mood by getting out of the house every day and getting some exercise in the fresh air, using St. John's wort herbal products, and just giving myself time and space. And I do know how to eat to lose weight.. I use a modified South Beach diet, and cut out all sugar including fruit for a little while,  swear off refined carbs, juices, sodas, coffee, and make sure I get lots of lean protein, fiber, eat small portions often, drink tons of lemon water, many cups of green tea a day, and get enough sleep. The sleep part is the hardest with a new baby - none of my babies so far have been good sleepers, but let's hope this one will be the exception.

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