Friday, September 3, 2010

So what's up Earl?

I have been playing with my brand new Acer aspire one netbook tonight and waiting for Hurricane Earl to arrive.. So far I am happy with the netbook, it is a really cute little machine in my daughter's favorite color purple - and will be so handy for checking emails and FB on the fly, and for many other things such as googling something for the schoolkid in the family room and checking recipes in the kitchen. My beloved mac is in our upstairs office, and it is not always convenient to run up and down the stairs when you want to check something online. Our lives these days are so connected to internet that this netbook makes life a bit easier.

And as far as Earl is concerned, I guess it was all just hype.. Long Island was supposed to be hit hard - but as of now there is hardly a rain drop or a gust of wind to be seen. Let's hope that Earl will bypass us and won't cause any trouble!

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