Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Inspiration Board

I've never been good with actual inspiration boards, I tried to have one once or twice, but it wasn't really working for me, I clipped out two things and then forgot all about it. This time, I will try use this blog as my inspiration board, and add items as I come across them. The rules are simple: I can add anything that inspires me! The first thing on the board is a painting by Pierre Bonnard. I have been thinking about him lately as I gaze out of the windows of my new house to my lovely green garden. I love Bonnard's window paintings, the way the window frames the scene and the vivid colors he uses. However, for my inspiration board I choose another painting by Bonnard that I just love because of the tranquility of the moment and again the beautiful vivid but at the same time very calm and soothing colors.

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