Friday, September 10, 2010

More Fall Wants - Bottega Veneta

I have been drooling after a brown leather woven Bottega bag for a while now. The desire has come to a point that I'm on a first name basis with Georgia from the Bottega boutique, and chat with her a couple of times a month on the phone.. Poor Georgia, she did not make a commission out of me yet because so far I have been able to resist the urge - after all, I have been under strict no-shopping rule for a while. But now I am really giving in. To justify, I did not get a birthday present, and my husband usually also gets me a little something for the birth of the new baby, so if you roll those two things into one, it probably spells Bottega! And technically, if it is a gift from the hubby, I am not even breaking my no-shopping rule. But it is so hard to choose which one I want! Sometimes, after wanting something a long time it just gets impossible to decide... Here are the contenders:

Large Veneta


  1. Bottega Venetan laukku ollut haaveissa täälläkin... Erittäin hyvä lahjaidea sinulle ja sitä paitsi ikuinen. Mutta miten ihmeessä pystyt päättämään mallin?

  2. Ihania ylellisiä mielettömiä kaikki! Bottega on niin luksusta. Minä valitsisin noista jomman kumman alemmista....mutta olenkin enemmän tote- kuin hobotyttö :))

  3. Piti vielä sanoa että teidän asunnosta on tullut aivan ihana. Kävin ihailemassa sun postauksia :) Upea keittiö ja hieno olkkari, ihanat ne maahan saakka olevat ikkunat!