Friday, September 17, 2010

Retail Sales Jump

A headline from this week's news was "US Retail Sales Jump Eases Double Dip Concerns". Oh boy... I feel like I have singlehandedly turned the economy around with my recent wild shopping spree. It all started at the Banana Republic, then came Bottega Veneta, Gucci (shoes on sale) and finally yesterday a quick run into Daffy's which turned into a treasure bonanza.. The consolation for my budget and closet space is that I am so ready to pop this baby out that it is bound to happen any day now. And I know from previous experience that I will not be gallivanting around stores with a new born baby in tow..instead I will be hibernating home, not exposing the baby to the nasty germs of the world, staring at the beautiful little human creature, checking its every move and making sure that it's breathing, wondering the amazement that the thing came out of me, loving, loving and loving it, and then later on feeling like a cow that's only needed for milk...

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