Thursday, September 2, 2010

Livingroom - Before and After

The living room has also gone through quite a transformation. When we bought the house, the walls were wood paneling and the living room looked like a huge sauna. We took out the wood paneling, installed new walls and windows, added a couple of pieces of new furniture and the bamboo floor - and here we go.. Extreme makeover results! See for yourselves:

Last walkaround before closing. The living room looked very long and narrow - and reminded me of a sauna.. What are we getting ourselves into?
But we did see the potential!
Wood paneling removed..
The ceiling was replastered.
New walls were installed.      

New Windows and a new Bamboo Floor!
Lots of empty spacel
The living room now looks huge and no longer resembles a sauna!


  1. Huge transformation!
    Todella upea olohuone teillä ja mahtava/taitava muutos!

  2. Wow wow ja wow! Kerrassaan upea, kylla tuolla nyt kelpaa muotilehtia selailla. Onnea!

  3. Beautiful carpet and I just love the daybed!!

  4. Thank you! I am so happy about how it turned out. Still need some furniture and a rug for the front area of the room, in front of the fire place, but we will take our time now to look for the exact right pieces. I am dreaming about the LC4 lounger, but let's see if budget allows..