Sunday, May 23, 2010

Why does it have to be Sunday night?

What a lovely weekend this was! The highlight was a beautiful wedding at the Water Club. The tables were not numbered but named according to famous places in NY and London (the bride is from NYC and the groom from London). The live band was great and of course I had to shake my pregnant booty on the dance floor.

Unfortunately the above picture is the only one I took all night.. I am so bad! I should have taken a pic of the beautiful bride.. and the lovely view from the Water Club. And have someone snap a picture of me and my hubby..but no, I just get so in the moment that I forget about the camera. I guess what made the evening ever more lovely for me was all the wonderful compliments I received. I am not sure if people were just feeling a bit sorry for the obviously pregnant lady and wanted to make me feel better, but I probably have never received so many compliments in one night.

I had on a very cheap maternity dress from Walmart (of all places!!) I normally do not patronize Walmart from various reasons, one big reason being that I don't like their employment policies and cheap bad quality disposable stuff from China, and the second that New York does not have a Walmart store. But someone had told me about a line that Norma Kamali designed for Walmart and me being a big fan of cheap chic I had to give it a try. I ordered a bunch of maternity stuff online and the box arrived the day before the wedding. The Norma Kamali dress was just a black lycra thing with a tie in the back (it really showed off my belly though because I rather look like I am pregnant, not fat), but it fit me perfectly. So I wore the $20 Walmart dress with my Nine West silver heels, silver Tory Burch clutch, my black and diamond vintage cartier watch, a huge pave diamond ring and a big costume necklace of glittering glass I had scored from eBay a while back.

I guess I normally let myself look pretty drab these pregnant days since this one time that I got dolled up with good hair, make-up and a decent manicure I got so many oohs and aahs. The best compliment of course from my husband who at some point looked at me when we were dancing and said that you're the most beautiful woman in this room by far....after almost 19 years he can still make me so happy.

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