Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gritty New York

On Friday I made the difficult decision of not doing my usual 2-week+ trek to Finland in the summer. I love the Finnish summer, with mosquitoes and all.. It is so clean, fresh and wonderful compared to a sweaty, humid New York summer. This summer, however, we will be in the middle of a huge renovation, packing up, moving and I will be quite pregnant in the middle of all this. It just adds up to a bit too much, so something has to give. 

Oh, and by the way... Our renovation project is getting bigger and bigger as we have decided to change the place of the stairs to the second floor of our new house. My husband and I finally sat down last night and drafted a budget for our big renovation (we could almost build a new house for the money that it will take - craaazyyyy - and a bit scary!). It looks like mommy has to do without a Bottega Veneta or a Birkin for now! But that is just fine. The new house will have plenty of space for my existing bag collection which I will be able to display in a way that I actually have access to all my treasures - who needs a new bag when they can have 20 that feel like new?

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