Friday, May 28, 2010

Pebbles for my Private Spa

The master bathroom in our new house is very small. And right now, it is uglier than ugly (you can see for yourselves below). But when I am done with it, it will be my own private spa with a pebble-tile steam shower, aaaaahhh. I had this whole spa thing pictured in my head, so I thought that this is going to be easy, just go and pick out the materials to match the picture in my head.. Well, not so fast! There are millions of choices to choose from, beginning with the pebble tiles! Black, white, light gray, dark gray, green, pink, etc. I like the more natural look of the gray pebbles, but even in the gray family the choices are endless. What to choose????

This is the space that will be TRANSFORMED into BEAUTY and TRANQUILITY!!

Oh, and (yay!!) we get the keys to our new house on Monday night, which is when all this fun is going to BEGIN!

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