Thursday, May 20, 2010

TV Obsessions - part 2 - 9 by Design

Bravo's new reality TV show, or docu-series, as Bravo calls it, is just delicious! With the baby-boom in my own life, it is amazing to watch a show about a really cool family with 7 children (no, it's not a typo!). And it's not his children and her children, these children are all from same parents, and live with their parents all the time. However, the show is not about the children, but about designing homes. A very timely subject for me, again. So it's no wonder I have been obsessed about the show. The first time I saw the show I dreamed about the family the whole night. And the second night I was renovating my new home in my dreams all night, with the catch that my new home was really their home. I know, Freud might have an opinion on that one.

The Novogratz family lives in my favorite NYC neighborhood, the West Village, and buys old dilapidated buildings and builds gorgeous and unique modern homes in them, all in the lower Manhattan area so that their kids don't have to change shcools when they move, which is apparently quite frequently. They basically started out as house-flippers and have since expanded to taking on other people's design jobs too. The homes are full of unique and creative details, and the furniture and art are a mix of very high end designer stuff and some rare vintage finds. The color scheme is mostly white which appeals to my Scandinavian sensibility. However, there is always some pops of strong color, and it's never boring or too precious looking. I have definitely had some ideas for my own home by watching the show, and some ideas that I was on the fence with were confirmed.

In the next episode the whole family will travel to London. I can't wait to see how they pull that off...

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