Wednesday, May 12, 2010

TV Obsessions - part 1 - Crazy Housewives

There are a few programs that I am totally addicted to..and I am sorry to say but they tend to be reality series.. There are actually four shows playing now that I have to watch. Thank God for DVR!!! (Recording cable box - without which I would never watch any TV except for the news.) Bravo is obviously the channel where most of it is happening as there are three must-see shows playing now on Bravo.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is on its second season, and the ladies are so totally crazy that you just cannot stop watching. All I keep thinking about is why would anyone want to have themselves be depicted in the way those women come thru in that show. They are just so totally bitchy, stupid, insecure and vain. And their cluelessness just makes it all so hilarious! They are so proud of their gigantic homes decorated in god-awful "French Chateau" style that would give a migraine to any normal person visiting. I guess because of all this, I am just so totally hooked...

Then there is the Real Housewives of New York City. Who are not really housewives as most of them seem to do at least some kind of jobs (except perhaps the "Countless" Countess Luann, or new girl Sonja). We know these girls pretty well now as it is season three already.. And they sure have issues as well, but are somewhat more identifiable than the NJ housewives. Communication is a big issue here - I feel that they could all work out their issues if they all just learned to communicate better. And that includes listening as well as talking! But then again, if they did that, they would be almost like normal people, and the show would not be fun to watch..

The third Bravo show deserves its own entry so more about that later - I can just say that I am OBSESSED thinking about the family that the show is about!

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