Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Walmart Dress and Sex and the City 2 Premier

I almost dropped my eyes when I saw Wendy Wiliams wearing the same (or almost same) Walmart dress to the Sex and the City 2 Premier as I wore to the wedding on Saturday night. The only difference was that my dress was from the maternity collection. Sex and the City being the fashion icon of the decade, that is one bold move. I guess I have REALLY been right when I have been talking about fashion going more and more democratic in the past few years. And Sex and the City has a lot to do with that movement too, combining high and low and wearing what looks good (regardless of price tag!). I don't know if Manolo Blahniks would ever have become so popular without the show. Before SATC Blahniks and other shoes in that price range were for the Park Avenue trust fund socialites - but now all of us regular working girls want to wear them too... Whether that's a good or a bad thing, I don't know (it is a bit insane to drop a week's salary on shoes - but then again - who says that we have to always be sane)! All I do know is that I personally don't own one single pair of Manolos and I feel a bit deprived. However, since I am NOT shopping anymore (I keep repeating that like a mantra, in the hopes that I can really brainwash myself into NOT shopping completely), there will not be Manolos in my near future.

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