Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Make me pretty

I always need a little boost for my skin at this time of the year. The skin is tired, pale and lackluster. So off I went to the Sephora at my lunch hour looking for some good vitamin C cream to give my skin the needed boost and clarity. Thanks to the perky sales person, I walked out with a product that cost twice as much: Caudalie's Vinoperfect Radiance Serum. It promises to make my skin "moisturized and luminous" and to give me a complexion that "looks even and beautifully radiant" (gotta love that marketing language). The secret ingredient comes from grapewines, so how bad could it be - I love the other good stuff coming from the grapewines ;-) I will tell you how beautifully radiant my skin gets with this after I've used the serum for a couple of weeks.

I also got some make-up - my absolute favorite lip gloss, Buxom Lips, in Lacey. The perfect color and perfect consistency. And a new treat, a Bobbi Brown shimmer wash eye shadow in Heather Mauve (looks more silver or gray than mauve to me, but who am I to say, I am not the make-up artist, all I know is that it's a pretty color that's neutral enough for the day)...

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