Monday, April 5, 2010

Jetlag and Happy Easter Monday

My eyelids are drooping as I write this and it is 4:16 in the afternoon. Jetlag is taking over. I took a little Easter break and went to visit family in Finland. Came back yesterday. I cannot cope well with jetlag and suffer both ways. It is worse of course when you fly east because you lose time. Usually Ambien is helpful in keeping some semblance of "normal sleeping hours" but being pregnant I did not use any drugs this time.. Luckily after all these years all my friends and family in Finland know that I am totally out of it until about noon time. (Thank God for mummu who happily feeds and entertains the kids while mommy sleeps..) Now, back home in New York I try to hold on to the pattern of going to sleep early and waking up early. Unfortunately it only lasts so long... There are some good news too: Despite the jetlag, I finally feel like a human being again - seems like pregnancy hormones have stabilized and there is no more morning sickness or overreaching tiredness. The first ultrasound results were good too, which is a blessing at this (advanced) age :-)  (and the ultrasound person gave me his personal opinion that I may be carrying a boy - a welcome addition to balance out the girl power in our family)...but don't tell anyone yet as this information has not been fully confirmed yet.

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