Monday, April 19, 2010

From Birkins to Composting

Isn't it wonderful what a wide range of items a person can be interested in? Sometimes it is pretty funny though. I just feel a bubbly giggle coming up when I think about my current obsessions and put them side by side: Birkins and Composters. So far apart, but still so important. My transformation from a Citygirl to a real suburbanite is taking place faster than anyone could have imagined. And I am embracing that transformation whole heartedly. Soon I may even purchase my first Crocs (NOT!).

So yes, I am a bit obsessed about composting. But being still at least half-hearted citygirl I have been looking for a composting bin that would look good, not smell and not attract flies.. And surprise, I have found some good options. Gardening seems to really have moved to the 21st Century. Here are some great futuristic looking composting globes that may even work as pieces of lawn art:

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