Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Name and Identity Crisis

Since I won't live in New York City anymore, I was thinking I should change the name of my blog. I started brainstorming new names, but they all seem so lame. Suburban Fashionista, Surburban Fashionista Queen (as suggested by my daughter, who BTW, wants to start her own blog at the ripe age of 7!!), Suburban Style, Fashion and Style in the Suburbs. Yuck... Seems as if I am stuck on the word Suburban...and I guess that is why all the names are so boring. Suburbs are boring. I can only ask what the hell was I thinking, buying a house in the suburbs? What am I doing to myself? I don't want to become a boring suburban soccer mom who drives around in a minivan - nightmare! Thank God my kids don't do soccer. I think I am going through a small identity crisis. All my life I have identified myself as a Citygirl. So what happens to that identity now that I won't live in the City anymore? And, what will I name my blog?

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