Sunday, April 18, 2010

When a dream almost comes true..

For the longest time I had dismissed Hermes Birkin bags as something quite ridiculous because I felt that they were too expensive to be taken seriously. Meanwhile I bought a couple of designer bags each season and those did not come cheap even though they were nowhere near to the prices of Birkins. When I recently stopped shopping I started looking at things a bit differently. Birkin (and Kelly - but I just love big bags, which is why I am focusing on Birkin) is something that lasts forever. The style never changes, never goes out of style, it is classic and has exquisite workmanship which is quite rare these days.  Birkin is recognizable, but probably not by the masses, which also makes it more desirable for me, as I am sick of logos and bling bling. (The other bag on my wish list is a Bottega Veneta - also logo free, but so far the purchases for the new house have overruled any accessories shopping.)

So about six months ago I made an announcement to my husband in which I told him to forgo any Valentine, Birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas or Just-because-I-love-you presents for the next couple of years and just get me a Birkin for my 40th birthday (along with a big party weekend in Vegas!!). Since then my darling hubby has had his eye open for Birkins. He now recognizes the bag that he had never heard of before and can point it out for me if he sees someone carrying it.

On Thursday he went to an auction partly because they were auctioning off a Blue Jean Birkin (among some artsy objects that we were interested in). He was a successful bidder, in the end competing with an old lady who looked like she probably had a good collection of Birkins. I guess she was missing the Blue Jean as she had the guts to bid higher and higher. In the end it was too much even for my dedicated hubby and the old lady won the prize. The good news is that there is another auction coming up soon with a Birkin on the list! Did I tell you that once my man has gotten something in his head, he is relentless until he gets what he wants, even if it takes a lot of effort and a long time - so I am assured that I shall have my Birkin one day.

Birkin is a bag that evokes passionate following, as evidenced by the books that have been written about it, most famously by Michael Tonello: Bringin Home the Birkin -My Life in Hot Pursuit of the World's Most Coveted Handbag. (The title says it all!)

Whole blogs have been dedicated to Birkins:

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