Saturday, March 20, 2010

SUMMER! (and maternity loot)

It is 70 degrees today (20+ celsius) and feels like summer! The crocuses and daffodils are blooming, kids are having a great time on their scooters and living is easy :-) 

I did manage to buy about 20 pieces of maternity wear yesterday..of which 3 pieces have to go back after more careful home inspection. I only bought the black tunic top from Heidi Klum's Loved collection. I was not impressed with the fit or quality of the other items. The tunic is really cool though and I can start wearing it right away, and probably will wear it through to the end.. 

Here is the loot that I am keeping:
2 pairs of work pants (black and pinstripe)
2 pair of leggings (black and jeans)
1 skinny jeans (black)
2 "funky" tops (red and black; and black, green and turqoise)
1 long black t-shirt
1 long black jersey tunic
1 empire waist black top
1 "sexy" silk ruffle top (black, of course)
1 long dark blue jersey tunic
1 "pantyhose" leggings (black)
1 black jersey dress
1 black pantyhose
1 extra large denim shirt
1 pair of yoga pants

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