Saturday, March 13, 2010

Suburban Thoughts

Now that I am becoming a suburbanite for the first time in my life, I am thinking about how life will change. One of the big changes for me is that I will have to start driving. I have always (37 years!) lived in a city area where driving has not been necessary. Of course we have a family car, but my husband has been the designated driver. That will change when we move to the burbs. I do have a driver's license since I was 18, but if I am completely honest, I really don't know how to drive since I never had to.. I am actually a little worried about this whole thing. Once we move, there will be no soft landing. I will have to start driving immediately, or otherwise I won't get to work, or the groceries, or the gym, or pretty much anywhere where I need to go. Will I be one of those annoying bad drivers who get stuck in the middle of the parking lot and don't know which way to turn the wheel? Or the idiot who cannot change the lane smoothly and misses the exit, or worse, causes a dangerous situation or a close call? Or cannot pass a slow-moving vehicle and creates a traffic jam? Thinking about driving makes me nervous...and no, it's not like riding a bike! It's much more dangerous and expensive!

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