Saturday, July 17, 2010

Too many goodies in one day

I feel sorry for the mailman.. On Thursday I received four magazines - Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, InStyle and Marie Claire.
All four mags have lots of fall preview, although the August number is always a bit light, given that all the efforts are focused for the massive September issues. Anyway, what I gather from these, the list for fall goes something like this:

Bag: Lady like, cross body, strawstring, leopard print
Coat: Camel color classic
Dress: is back
Suit: Man style tailoring
Shoes: surprisingly, Biker boots, kitten heels
Color: Red/orange, neutrals
Other big things: Fur, and dare I say it --> the 90's (as in Carolyn Besset-Kennedy references)


  1. 4 yhtenä päivänä on aika paljon lehtifriikillekkin!! Taytyykin käydä katsomassa olisko Vogue saapunut jo tännekkin?!

  2. Noiden luku on jaanyt kylla aikamoisen pikaselauksen varaan. Toivottavasti on aikaa nauttia syyskuun lehdista enemman.