Friday, July 2, 2010

The Chosen Ones

Here are the tiles I picked for my pebble shower spa bathroom.. I wasn't sure about these in the first place as I thought maybe I wanted something a bit more modern, but the marble tile has grown on me and I feel this will look like a classic with a twist - exactly how I like it.. The marble tiles will go on bathroom walls, the mosaic tile will go on the bathroom and shower floor, and the pebble tile will go on shower walls.

We also found the kitchen cabinets today! We we're going to seal the deal in the showroom where we found the cabinets closest to what we (I) wanted, but on the way there I spotted another showroom with the PERFECT cabinet style in the window. We walked in, showed our drawings and asked for an estimate. The cabinets were so perfect that I was sure they were going to be prohibitively expensive - and was so HAPPY when they were almost in the same price range as the cabinets we almost bought...which were ok, but not perfect. I felt very comfortable in the new showroom, the people were super nice, very professional and the cabinet style is what I have dreamed about. And, to top it of, these cabinets are eco-friendly bamboo - YAY!  The new guys will come and measure our kitchen tomorrow, and if all goes well, we will order our cabinets on Monday - I am very excited - I feel like a kid, I just want to jump up and down and clap!

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