Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Since moving is in my mind, I have been thinking about all my moves lately. Throughout my childhood I lived in one apartment, but a few years after I moved out on my own, my parents sold the apartment and moved to a different city. Oddly, I did not feel too much nostalgia for the childhood apartment. I guess I had really grown out of it.. Then there was a time when I was a young adult when I moved 11 times within three years - the moves were within two countries and two cities. I got to know a lot of different neighborhoods, but I did not get too attached to any of the apartments because they were all for short term, temporary. Now I have been living in the same apartment for about 11 years, and when I think about the upcoming move, I feel (oddly, again) nothing but happiness and relief to get out of this apartment. I thought that I would be at least little bit sad and nostalgic because this is where I really established myself, it is where I started my marriage, had two children, a dog, a cat, lots of happy times and many many parties, some challenging times as well including a marital crisis, health problems and a space crisis due to shopping gone wild. This apartment has served us well, but it is now time to go, and let go, and embrace the new.

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