Monday, July 5, 2010

American Woman at Outnet

I happened to take a look at shop ( outlet) and saw that they have a campaign called the American Woman. The selection is amazing, classic, wearable, grown-up business clothing, full of pencil skirts, jackets, shift dresses, trench coats... All with great discounts. And lots from my boyfriend, MK. The Outnet is quickly becoming my big favorite. (Hardly a surprise given my weakness for outlets..) Although it is wonderful to be expecting a child, seeing that fabulous outlet selection almost makes me resent this baby bump that makes it impossible to wear that stuff. I can't wait to put on a pencil skirt, slim cardigan, or a nice tailored jacket and slim pants.. The pieces here are very simple, well tailored pieces, exactly how I like them. I have never been into clothes that are loud or weird, because I like to wear my clothes, not have my clothes wear me :-)

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