Saturday, July 24, 2010

Countertop Composting

Here I go again about composting! Yesterday I made a rare shopping spree to Marshall's. I went to check if they would have had Le Creuset pots as I had seen a large selection there a while back. Of course there was none left now that I wanted to buy a couple (I have to change most of my cooking pots because of the induction cooktop). But, I did find an Oggi countertop composter. It's stainless steel and promises to be odor free with a charcoal filter. And it was only $24.95 - almost half of the price it sells on I have been looking for a dish to collect cooking scraps, banana peels and other such bio waste and this Oggi countertop composter is perfect. It looks good and is actually designed to do what I want it to do. Now I just have to find the actual outside composter to which the scraps will be emptied into daily.

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