Saturday, July 3, 2010

Change Happens

We are all creatures of habit, and I am definitely one of those people who does not move on easily. I get attached to things, places, people.. When change happens I need to struggle with myself to remind that change is ultimately a good thing as it can lead to growth, new friends, and better things, circumstances, a richer life experience. But once I get my head wrapped around the decision to change, and the change actually happens, I never regret it. I do not live in the past, or glorify what used to be. I always choose to believe that the best is yet to come. My life is undergoing a tremendous change right now. I am so busy that there is not much time to digest the changes - but I need to make quiet time for myself to listen to my heart and find peace in it. I need to have confidence in the change, and in myself, to thoroughly enjoy this time of my life when I am carrying my third (and last) child, readying myself and and my family to a move, encouraging my older daughter to look forward to new school, new friends, figuring out how the move will affect my relationship with my husband, in addition to figuring out all the little but important organizational aspects of our life.

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