Monday, April 4, 2011

Put Your Own Oxygen Mask On First

I am beginning to understand why it is so hard for me to lose the baby weight this time. I am simply too stressed out, tired and busy to focus on my own needs, relax and quiet the mind (never mind listening to the body). Stress makes me eat, as silly as it sounds! I should add something to the top of my already long list of things to remember: Put your own oxygen mask on first. I need to take the time to care for myself, however impossible it seems, in order to be able to care properly for others. I want to be happy about myself, be a positive example and role model to my daughters. I want to be a strong, healthy, independent, intelligent, interesting, fun, self confident and stylish woman with a clear sense of her self and abilities, and healthy values. I would like to think that most of the time I get there, or close. But this weight issue is bringing me down... How do other women do it?


  1. Tuttu tilanne varmasti monille meistä. Silloin kun eniten pitäisi pitää huolta omasta hyvinvoinnistaan (stressantuneena ja kiireisenä) sitä helpoimmin lievittää stressiä nopeimmalla tavalla eli syömällä. Ja sitten stressaantuu lisää kiloista...

  2. Tuo oravanpyora on kylla karmea ja siita on niin vaikea hypata pois. Stressinhallinta on avain! Olen alkanut tekemaan nopeita syvahengitysharjoituksia useamman kerran paivassa, ne tuntuvat auttavat. Ainakin palauttavat mieleen sen tosiasian etta olen stressaantunut ja etta sen olotilan ei pitaisi olla mun normaali olotila. Opin pikkuhiljaa erottamaan tunteet teoista...