Saturday, April 16, 2011


Due to a small health crisis - just a scare, thank God - but a serious wake-up call, we have been on a healthy foods kick for about a week now, oatmeal with walnuts and cranberries with a little dash of maple syrup on top (which, by the way, has also been declared a superfood), lots of veggies, brown rice, and no read meat. Yesterday and today I have tried new healthy veggies. Kale, which is somewhere dubbed as a superfood and the most healthy vegetable of all, was a pleasant surprise. I sauteed it with some olive oil, garlic and leftover pesto. Yummyyyy! Even the kids loved it, and asked for more. Another new try, fennel, was good too. I made a chicken sauce with lots of coriander powder (my absolute favorite spice), lemon juice, lemon zest and diced chicken breast (and some salt and pepper, of course). It came out really good too. Eating healthy feels so good, you really are what you eat, because in a just week, I see my energy level is up and I just feel more healthy. And it is now easier than ever, because healthy stuff is available everywhere.

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