Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pitfall of Fashion

Do you want to be known for your fashions or for your opinions? That is a very relevant question to ask, especially when it comes to public figures with lots of expectations, such as Michelle Obama. There has been lots of criticism that Mrs. Obama wore an Alexander McQueen gown to the recent state dinner, instead of opting to wear an American designer gown, such as an Oscar DeLaRenta (who's been complaining the most). I, as most everyone else, am a big fan of Michelle, and the style she has made famous. But as an intelligent, high profile woman you want to be known at least as much for your achievements and opinions, as for your fashions. In Michelle's case, the fashions are beginning to overshadow the opinions, and she is in the danger of becoming, at least in my mind, what is described in the financial industry as an "empty suit". Someone who looks the part, but doesn't offer much. I still have faith in her abilities and I hope that she will step up her efforts to discuss issues that are important to American families.

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