Wednesday, January 19, 2011

3D Came Home

What is it with men and technology? When anything new comes out they are like kids in a candy store, excited and happy. I guess it's a little bit like I feel when the a new Prada or Marc Jacobs collection comes out... Anyway, mu husband is hugely into technology and has to be the first to try new stuff. He has been talking about getting a 3D tv for a while now, and I have been trying to stall. I am not into 3D at all. I hate having to wear the glasses, and the whole concept of stuff leaping out of the screen just does not appeal to me. I am perfectly happy to keep my distance from whatever it is I am watching and not feel like I am "in there". Well, my stalling tactics were not all that successful, as there is now a 65 inch humongous monstrosity of a 3D tv sitting in our family room. It will move to the basement once the on-going basement renovation is finished, and we can set up a movie theater in there. I guess I am going to give the thing a benefit of a doubt until I can make up my mind after seeing a few 3D movies on it.

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