Friday, January 21, 2011

The 48 Laws of Power

I have been reading the 48 Laws of Power on my iPad as an e-book. Although I find the laws of power fascinating, the book is really weird in that it almost single-mindedly speaks of power as something that can only be attained unethically by cunning, lying, deceit and cheating. I absolutely do not believe in that mindset. I believe that you can obtain power by being nice, fair, smart, hard working, and by having a good self esteem, i.e. recognizing your value, and not letting others take advantage of you. You can use other people on your rise to the top as long as it is mutually beneficial.

On another note, I sure hope that the quality of this book is not indicative of e-books in general. It is full of typos and the text is chopped in strange places. Other than that, I have been enjoying reading on my iPad and am not missing the actual book paging experience that much. Will definitely continue reading on the iPad and saving trees.

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