Saturday, June 30, 2012

Friday's Outfits

Yesterday my après gym outfit was designed more to be comfortable in the heat wave, and the dinner outfit had the same requirement, as it was still really hot at night.

Also went grocery shopping, and of course could not resist the big sale signs at Banana Republic. (It's either super convenient to have a BR right next to my supermarket, or really dangerous, haven't quite decided, but leaning on convenient. (There are some really expensive boutiques too, but I do draw the line there, and rarely pop in. They don't carry my size anyway, me being mostly too huge for boutique clothing. This may be a very good thing, actually, at least for my budget if not my stylishness.))

But boy am I happy I went to BR. I renewed my jeans collection in one fell swoop, and found the perfect skinny jeans, white jeans (in pics below) as well as bootcut jeans and cropped denim trousers. All on sale except the skinnies, which the salesperson brought to me by accident, but which were so perfect I couldn't pass up. Now I can throw out all my old ugly jeans that I've been hating. Most of them are from before my last pregnancy, which changed my body the most, and they are not good fit anymore. All these things we women must deal with...

Anyway, it was a happy day, and ended well too. I took my girls to the dentist in the afternoon and they had no cavities. And then later, after kids' dinner, hubby and me went on a date and restaurant hopped to a couple favorite local places. Sometimes it's good to be adventurous and try something new, but sometimes it feels good to see familiar faces and be recognized. We've been in this area for about two years now and are getting to that point where we know people and they know us.

The best skinny jeans ever
Some of my BR sale loot
Old Navy tank top, Joe Fresh skirt, Bottega Veneta sandals and LV bag
Ellen Tracy dress, Marc Jacobs clutch,  Rolex watch and Marco Tozzi sandals

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